DIY Hanging Leather Planter



  1. Cut a piece of leather that comfortably wraps all the way around your planter with a few extra inches on all sides.
  2. If your planter doesn’t have perfectly straight sides, you’ll need to cut your leather with a slight arch so it lies flat when wrapped around your planter. To do this, wrap the leather right-side down around your pot. Fold the edges over so you know where the edges of the pot are. Freehand draw a line about 1 inch from the top edge. Then do the same with the bottom edge.
  3. Unwrap the leather and lay on a flat table. Using sharp scissors, cut along the arch your just drew.
  4. Take the leather strip and wrap it around your pot. Use straight pins to hold the leather in place.
  5. Slide the leather off the pot. Use sharp scissors to create 2 – 3 small holes and attach your rivets in place of the pins.
  6. Using scissors, create 4 equally spaced holes just large enough to slide the rope through. Feed the rope ends through the holes and tie knots to secure.
  7. Slide the leather back onto your pot and hang.

Recipe by Hello Nest at